Cold Conditions Causing Chaos In The South. Insulate Your HomeTo Stay Warm

Mar 1, 2021 | Attic-Insulation, Home Insulation

Everyone has been feeling for the South lately. Streets and highways being covered in ice has made daily commutes uncommonly dangerous. Louisiana has had temperatures this February that haven’t been seen in over 100 years. Across the South, millions more are still trying to tough this arctic storm out as the forecasts still predict sub-freezing temperatures through the end of February. Millions of people without power left to fend for themselves through a once-in-a-decade freeze. As energy companies fail to meet the demands of the people, many have had to think of new ways to stay warm. Space heaters and portable backup generators may be the obvious solution but if your home has been feeling extra cold and drafty lately, insulate your home as well for a much cozier living experience for winters to come.

Arctic Blast Puts A Cold Spell Over Shreveport And Bossier City 

If your house is a bit older or hasn’t gotten new insulation in a decade or two, it’s likely that this storm was especially brutal for you and your family. Without proper insulation in your house, it’s almost certain that you’re losing money. Attempting to keep your home warm this bitterly cold winter is pointless without properly functioning home insulations. Just imagine how much heat is escaping through that drafty attic. It’s just money flying out of your pocket. Make sure you and your family are nice and cozy throughout the last bit of winter. Get a new home spray foam or cellulose insulation service from Greenstar Insulation. We’re sure to save you money now and far into the future with any of our outstanding home insulation services.

Winter weather grips the south this February.

Insulate Your Home and Save Big

People save upwards of $400 a year just by insulating their attics. This depends on what kind of heating you use and the size of your home. Whatever the case mat be, however, you’ll be saving money. Within just a few years you’ve paid for the insulation service. After that, the next 10-15 years will be pure energy savings profit for a good investment. A well-insulated home also raises property value because a drafty home isn’t ideal. Especially when it’s a frigid 20 degrees outside and your power company may or may not be on the fritz. Make sure your home is saving you money and keeping you warm. Get a free home insulation inspection with Greenstar Insulation  and discover ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Types of Insulation

Different types of insulation can provide different degrees of R-values. A good R-value means that your insulation has better heat resistance than lower R-value insulation. The higher the number the better your insulation is doing its job. Both cellulose and spray foam insulation have around 3.5-3.7 R-value per inch so the real determining factor in quality isn’t the type of insulation but who is installing it for you. An expert from Greenstar Insulation, in the Shreveport and Bossier City metropolitan area, is specifically trained to make sure your insulation service is professionally sealed. This means that the thermal resistance in your home is at an optimum level and R-value. Insulate your home with Greenstar Insulation today

Keep your home extra cozy this winter and for years to come.

A More Comfortable Environment Year Round

Whether you decide to go with a fast and easy spray foam insulation or a more green approach, like recycled paper cellulose insulation, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the money you’re going to save and also the comfort that you get from keeping your home at a more consistent and cozy temperature. If your home hasn’t been insulated in the last few decades or you have been noticing a draft around your home, call Greenstar Insulation today. With a free home insulation inspection we’ll get you well on your way to securing and insulating your home from whatever weather hits your neighborhood next.

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