Green Insulation For A Cozy Warm Winterization

Jan 22, 2021 | Attic-Insulation

Winter is officially here in Shreveport and Bossier City. You may be noticing that your older house has a few more cold drafts than you remember. As homes become older, routine maintenance is extremely important in making sure your home can keep warm, deep into those harsh winters. Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that a home’s insulation needs to be replaced every 10-15 years. Depending on how your area’s temperatures and humidity change this could vary. If you’re experiencing a colder winter than normal due to deteriorating insulation in your home, give Greenstar Insulation a call. Serving Shreveport or Bossier City area with expert service. Get a free estimate on your spray foam and green insulation needs today.

Greenstar Insulation Services In NW Louisiana

With Greenstar Insulation, we can provide you with a multitude of services for your specific needs. Are you looking to keep your inside space drier in a humid environment? Look no further than our open-cell foam which is excellent for keeping moisture out. How about trying to keep the hustle and bustle noise out of your home when you’re trying to come home to a more peaceful space? Open-cell foam is perfect for creating a sound barrier and keeping the outside word out. If you aren’t looking for something too invasive, our injection foam insulation works well for existing walls. This way you don’t have to worry about tearing down and then replacing the drywall. Finally, Our Cellulose, loose-fill, green insulation is made from chopped up, recycled newsprint and is a perfect less expensive, not to mention a cheaper alternative to spray foam.

Has Your Home Been Feeling Especially Drafty?

There are a few key spaces in the home that are primary culprits when it comes to loosing heat for your home in the winter. Make sure that the following areas properly insulated this season. You family will stay warm and comfortable while you save a buck or two as well.

  • Exterior Walls – The more layers of insulation you have in your exterior walls, the better performance you can expect from thermal performance. Whether it be a frigid winter or extra hot summer, spray foam insulation is great is a first layer to really seal gaps. Its also as a second layer over existing foam board insulation if you don’t wish to redo the whole wall.
  • Attics and ceilings – Greenstar’s cellulose, green insulation, formula is perfect for getting to these hard reach spots that can be extremely difficult to cover fully. These areas fo the home are especially important to insulate properly if heat control is a problem in your home.
  • Garages – With garages opening and closing a relatively large door multiple times a day, it’s no wonder that temperature control in this area of the house is difficult to regulate. The better you can, however, the more protected your car and other storage will be from harsh weather conditions.
  • Water heaters and pipes – Insulation around your water heaters and pipes can significantly reduce heat loss. We all know how much colder our water feels in the dead of winter. Keep your hot water just that this season with additional insulation from Greenstar Insulation
  • Crawlspaces – Crawlspaces have the potential to cause significant heat transfer if not properly insulated. Make sure to ask if your crawlspaces are adequately insulated during your at-home inspection and estimate.

A Good Idea For Your Home And The Environment

Greenstar insulation uses cellulose, green insulation, which is perfect for the Louisiana environment. Our home insulation services can decrease the amount of cool and warm air escaping from your home. This will save you big on your energy bills. Whether your home’s temperature is hard to maintain in the dead of winter or the peak of summer, cellulose loose-fill insulation is right for either and any situation. Our cellulose green insulation service is perfect for drafty attics or ceilings or that allow a high percentage of heat out in the winter or cool air out in the summer.

The cellulose material, used in our blown-in insulation, is also environmentally friendly. It is made up of primarily recycled paper fibers. This is a win-win for many who have experienced nightmare situations involving harmful chemicals in older homes when it comes to old insulation. Asbestos may be a waning concern in the eyes of most but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the insulation currently in your home is eco-friendly and safe for your loved ones to breathe in.

 Studies have also shown that cellulose loose-fill insulation offers better pipe protection than fiberglass. The boric acid in the insulation can act as pest control, keeping your attic free of pesky vermin. Lastly, with Greenstar Insulation in the Shreveport and Bossier City area, you’ll pay less with cellulose, green insulation, than with spray foam.

Expanding Spray Foam Insulation Makes Things Quick And Easy

Greenstar Insulation’s second method of installing insulation is spray-applied cellular polyurethane foam. This can be sprayed on wider surfaces or pumped into existing walls. A new spray foam insulation, expands in place to seal all voids, gaps, and crevices. This modern insulation will also keep everything you want out of your home outside. Bad air and allergens pass freely in many older homes with less up-to-date sealing and insulation. Make your home’s breathing air clean and crisp for you and your family to enjoy. 

 Keep your home cozy and dry all year long. Closed-cell spray foam prevents mold from forming. Its formula doesn’t allow for water to penetrate which limits moisture accumulating in your home. At Greenstar Insulation we will also reduce bothersome sounds. Open-cell foam is perfect for creating a sound barrier and keeping the outside word out.This product offers great sound insulation between walls. This includes from room to room and from the outside. It also makes acoustics inside the home even better for home entertainment purposes. 

Our Injection foam is perfect for existing walls that don’t need to be completely redone. Our Shreveport and Bossier City area experts will inject our custom polyurethane expanding foam into your interior or exterior walls, filling cracks and voids that most other insulation products can’t. Perfect for areas with electrical wires or pipes that need to be filled with optimal efficiency.

Greenstar Insulation Is Your Solution To Winter Insulation

The weather in NW Louisiana doesn’t see the type of temperature drops during the winter like many parts of the country but that doesn’t mean that your insulation doesn’t need to be kept up to date. The health of family and friends, environmental awareness, and saving money are all great reasons to get your insulation updated. Call Greenstar Insulation today for a quick and easy estimate.

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