5 Reasons To Level Your Concrete Before The Holidays With A Concrete Slab Raising Service

Nov 28, 2021 | Concrete Leveling

There are plenty of other reasons to get your uneven concrete surfaces leveled. It looks great, raises property value, and provides functionality for proper use. During the winter, however, uneven concrete sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and driveways have more potential to break down and can also become dangerous. If your concrete surfaces are sinking or settling, it’s likely time for a concrete slab raising service.

Greenstar Insulation has put together the top 5 reasons we think getting your shifting, sunken or settled concrete slabs leveled in preparation for the winter months is a great idea. You may just be grateful you level your concrete slabs after you pulled off a very successful, accident free, holiday season!

Don't let your loved ones injure themselves due to hidden tripping hazards. Raising concrete slabs level limits this risk
  1. Keep Your Friends and Family Safe From Tripping Hazards

Nobody wants to see a friend or family member get seriously hurt. If that sort of thing happens on your watch due to negligence then you’re likely to feel much worse about such a situation. Winters can be dangerous for the eldertly and young naive children. Ice  catching someone off guard with a slip or a hidden obstacle or tripping hazard causing a trip could end with grandma in the hospital this holiday season if proper precautions aren’t taken to help individuals safe from potentially disastrous scenarios.

  1. Easier To Snowblow Or Shovel Snow

Anyone who’s ever tried to shovel snow from an uneven sidewalk or driveway knows how difficult it can be, not to mention frustrating and exhausting. Concrete slabs that are tilted and not flush with their neighboring slabs cause wheels from your snowblower or edges from your snow shovel to catch and stop abruptly. This constant impact from these edges can damage your equipment, while frequent stops cut down efficiency of the chore drastically.  

  1. Titled Concrete Becomes More Unleveled In The Winter

If you have uneven concrete, you have open joints between slabs that are allowing humidity or precipitation to penetrate down into the dirt. This can happen any time of year, but in the winter when you have a constant freeze and thaw cycle the result is expanding frozen groundwater pushing up and putting pressure on the concrete sidewalks and driveways. Over time that same freezing and melting will cause your slabs to shift, settle, and sink even more. Not to mention, voids underneath your concrete, will also start to form from this process as well. 

  1. Less Chance Of Standing Water To Freeze Over

When your concrete surfaces have better drainage, there is less chance of standing water to occur on your property. Uneven concrete slabs make standing water a reality, which, in turn makes frozen puddles a reality in the winter freeze months. Nobody wants to slip and fall on ice this winter and you surely don’t want injury to occur on your property from ice forming that could have been easily avoided. Make sure your concrete surfaces are flush and level with a concrete slab raising service before temperatures drop below freezing constantly. Otherwise, you’ll likely be dealing with sheets of ice for the next few months that could prove to be dangerous.

  1. Stable Foundation For The “Holiday Lights” Ladder

If you’ve seen the movie “Christmas Vacation” you know what can happen when a wobbly ladder meets an average Joe trying to install Christmas lights. Don’t let disastrous results wreak havoc on your health or family holiday. Make sure your ladder is secure on solid ground before putting up your holiday lights this festive season. Chevy Chase would surely agree. Get your concrete surfaces leveled so that every aspect of your time with friends and family is as safe as possible this winter. 

Holiday lights are great but not if you have to put them up when risk of injury is heightened from unlevel concrete surfaces.

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