Deck Repair And Swim Pool Maintenance In Shreveport, LA

Has the concrete around your pool has begun to noticeably dip, sink or settle? If so, it’s likely time for you to start thinking about a concrete leveling service. At Greenstar Insulation, our experts are professionally prepared to repair and lift your poolside concrete slabs back to optimal condition. Don’t even think about resurfacing your pool deck until you give us a call for an estimate on a pool deck lifting or other swim pool maintenance.

Why Are My Poolside Slabs Sinking?

Resurfacing your pool deck will not fix the underlying sinking and settling issue that is making your slabs become uneven. Concrete pool decks are prone to settling due to the pool construction rather than prosthetic appeal. When a pool is excavated, loose, less compacted soil is added around the pool site. This allows for compaction and settling underneath those newly poured concrete slabs which results in the substantial sinking of concrete slabs.

 If this foundational deterioration has begun to occur on your pool deck then it’s likely that things are only going to get worse. Get your deck repair done today before it becomes a real issue that could end up costing you much more in the long run. Our technicians will inject just enough polyurethane expanding foam to re-level the concrete deck back to its original height.

Benefits Of A Modern Pool Deck Repair

Outdated repairs of sunken or settled concrete for pool decks include heavy equipment and newly poured concrete. This invasive process is often overkill and can sometimes do more damage than good. Your yard could very likely get torn up and the pool will still remain unstable while the new concrete is curing. Not the kind of highly intrusive swim pool maintenance that this type of issue requires. Our modern polyjacking process is quick and easy, making you feel pleasantly surprised with expert results.

Greenstar Insulation’s modern approach relies on quality, eco-friendly materials to fix your sinking and settling concrete. The polyjacking procedure with custom polyurethane foam expands to fill voids and lifts concrete slabs back to near-perfect levels. After our experts are finished and your deck is back to normal, you can rest easy that our service is long-lasting and will hold up against the test of time. Serving the Shreveport and Bossier City area with quality products and service.

Maintain your pool with pool and pool deck leveling services

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What are you waiting for? There should be nothing holding you back now, especially when our initial inspection and estimate are completely hassle and cost-free. Call us today and we will happily come out to your Shreveport area property to inspect your pool deck’s status. We’ll give you a free estimate for your swim pool maintenance, or other concrete leveling needs.

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