NW Louisiana Sidewalk Leveling & Sidewalk Repair

Shreveport & Bossier City Area residents put a lot of time and effort into their home or property. It’s no question that sidewalks that are uneven or sinking in your beautiful neighborhood can be unflattering to look at. Greenstar Insulation is here to get those concrete slabs along your sidewalks and walkways back to pristine levels. Get in touch with our experts today for a free consultation and estimate for sidewalk leveling & repair.

Why Are Repairs and Upkeep Important?

Appearance and curb appeal can be enough for some to get their unlevel concrete fixed. There are plenty of other reasons to call for a concrete leveling as well, however. If someone trips and hurts themself due to an unlevel slab then as an owner, you may be liable. Nobody wants a safety issue on their property! Having an aspect of your property that is easily visible to the public and is always an eyesore can have a negative impact on your property’s value as well. Think long term by fixing those slabs today and save in the long run. 

before and after of an expert driveway leveling service from Greenstar Insulation

What Causes Sunken Sidewalks

A lot of people think the main cause of your uneven sidewalks out front are just tree roots pushing those concrete slabs up. This is not the primary reason, however. Washout from subsurface groundwater can erode around and under the concrete slabs, leaving a void. Compaction of the soil, due to excess in load-bearing capacity, can also change the levels of soil foundation underneath and cause sunken or uneven sidewalks. Once the sidewalk is uneven and damage begins to occur, then improper drainage and movement could cause even more damage. If this has already begun to occur, please call us today for a sidewalk repair estimate. 

Shreveport and Bossier Concrete Leveling Experts

Our Modern Polyjacking procedure is efficient, safe, and reliable. It’s also a no brainer when compared to the cost of fully replacing a stretch of sidewalk by repouring concrete. We at Greenstar Insulation would love to help you restore your sidewalk concrete slabs back to like-new levels. If you’re ready to make your Louisiana property more beautiful than ever, give us a call today for a wide variety of concrete leveling services.

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