Mudjacking Vs Polyjacking. Why One is Far Superior For Green Concrete Leveling

Sep 25, 2021 | Concrete Leveling

The answer is really in the name. When you think about why mudjacking is an inferior service to it’s polyurethane counterpart, you don’t need to look any further than common sense. Mud can’t hold up against the test of time let alone the ever present threat of an average rain. Mudjacking slurry isn’t as durable, sure, but one of the main issues with the procedure is how invasive it is and how much waste is created. When it comes to mudjacking vs polyjacking there is a clear winner regarding which to choose! Read on for the answer.

Many people are becoming much more concerned and aware about their carbon footprint. Figuring out how individuals can help reduce the amount of waste they personally contribute to is becoming more and more mainstream. If you’re someone who cares about the environment then you are likely trying to figure out ways that you can help the environment in your daily life.

Is Polyurethane Eco Friendly?

It’s safe to say that polyurethane vs mudjacking is a better value. Polyurethane may cost slightly more on average, but lasts much longer than the weaker, less durable mudjacking counterpart. Mudjacking companies argue, however, that their solution is better for the environment, which just simply isn’t true. Polyjacking requires less cleanup and creates far less waste. It is also non toxic to surrounding soil and the environment in general. The expanding polyurethane foam used by Greenstar Insulation is also recyclable and sustainable.

 Don’t listen to those other guys with a cheaper, less effective solution. They’ll make up any excuse to get you believing their nonsense about why Mudjacking is better. Polyurethane is the obvious choice when it comes to choosing a concrete leveling and lifting solution. Save yourself the worry and feel good about your choice with Greenstar Insulation.

Polyjacking With Polyurethane Expanding Foam Is The Obvious Choice

Results are in. Polyjacking services involving expanding polyurethane foam checks all the boxes. Not only is it the superior product to mudjacking slurry, it also…

  • Cures faster – Mudjacking can take multiple days to fully cure. That means you would be able to use your walkways, driveways or other concrete surfaces during that time.Meanwhile, the polyurethane injections spread to full volume and cure within an hour or less.
  • Simpler and less invasive procedure – The holes drilled to inject the mudjacking slurry are much larger than those used to inject the polyurethane expanding foam. This results in a much less attractive looking finished product. 
  • Produces less waste – There is no doubt about it, mudjacking requires more cleanup and produces more waste. There is also no need for heavy machinery for a polyurethane injection where mudjacking brings in heavy equipment that could damage surrounding areas.
  • Uses less water – The Mudjacking slurry itself is also very heavy and wet. That can translate to introducing moisture into the dirt underneath, weakening its structure and causing further settling and sinking to occur.

Greenstar Insulation Is Right For the Environment And Your Wallet

We at Greenstar Insulation are committed to saving the environment, but also saving you time and money. The polyurethane foam itself lasts much longer than the mudjacking slurry which translates to not having to worry about more sinking and settling concrete issues for years longer. Why choose a product you know is going to fail? You’re going to have to deal with it more often meaning you’ll have to pay for the service more often.

The average cost of a polyjacking concrete leveling service of a driveway is right around 2,000. That’s right around the same price that mudjacking costs for the same driveway so what would compel a person to choose the inferior service? Especially when evidence points to mudjacking procedures just not holding up against the test of time. It’s likely, when maintained properly, that polyjacking will outlast mudjacking by a matter of years. 

Polyurethane vs Mudjacking Slurry Is An Easy Decision To Make. Choose Greenstar Insulation Today

The choice is clear and simple. Mudjacking vs polyjacking isn’t really even a choice these days. Polyurethane is the better solution to your concrete lifting needs. Choose Greenstar Insulation for all your concrete lifting and leveling needs. Reliably serving Shreveport and Bossier city residents and commercial properties for years. Give us a call today for a free estimate or to schedule a home inspection.

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