Tripping Hazards Are A Threat To Safety And A Property Owner’s Savings

Uneven concrete is defined as a tripping hazard if any crack or joint in a concrete walkway, sidewalk, or any other concrete surface has a vertical change of over ¼ in. These tripping hazards make many pathways very difficult to use and dangerous for individuals with disabilities and or impairments. 

Tilted or sunken concrete can occur almost anywhere where people use it and father time to abuse it. Whether it be the weathering of harsh winter and hot summer or the now mature tree spreading and growing its roots under your sidewalk. Or maybe the constant wear of heavy foot or vehicle traffic has aged and settled your concrete slabs at an accelerated pace. 

No matter what the cause, Greenstar Insulation is here to get those uneven surfaces back to optimal levels. For that brand new look and safe walking and working conditions, call Greenstar Insulation, your most trusted North West Louisiana concrete leveling experts.

Tripping hazards from uneven or tilted concrete is a danger for all who use those concrete slabs

Avoid Unexpected Legal Litigation 

Over a million individuals suffer some type of fall or trip related injury per year. The property owner could be found liable for failure to properly maintain safety regulations if concrete pathways or work areas aren’t kept up to code. If you have vertical differences in concrete surfaces of over ¼ inches, as a property owner, you are more than likely liable for the safety of individuals using your sidewalks and walkways.

If bodily injury occurs to an individual on the property due to negligence, legal action may be taken. Limit your liability and make sure your property is safe for all. Whether residential or commercial property, Greenstar Insulation will get your concrete slabs back to code. This will limit the risk of potential injury for the communities you live and work in. Delivering professional results for the Shreveport and Bossier City area.

avoid legal action. get your uneven concrete leveled today

Concrete Leveling Should Be On Your Business’ To-Do List

As a business owner, expenses just seem to always be piling up. When it comes to the cost of leveling the sunken slabs in your business’ parking lot, walkway or pathway, vs an entirely new concrete repair or even legal litigation, the answer is clear. Don’t put it off another season or year. Stop pushing these repairs back and be proactive as a business owner. Save yourself time and money in the long run while also keeping your commercial property safe with proper upkeep. Let the experts at Greenstar Insulation polyjack your sunken concrete slabs back to regulation levels. NW Louisiana’s most trusted concrete leveling service.

Potentially Life-altering Injuries From Tripping Hazards

A quick trip and fall may seem like no big deal most of the time. As families and friends get older, however, it is imperative that these small trips and falls are avoided. Help keep your loved ones safe and protected whenever they come to visit. With quick and easy concrete maintenance and repair services in the Shreveport and Bossier City area, Greenstar Insulation is here to help. 

Luckily for the everyday homeowner, concrete leveling and repair can actually save you money in the long run. Hospital bills from a fall, not to mention the possibility of legal fees, can be extremely expensive. Worry less about the safety of your friends and family in and around your home. By having concrete surfaces that you can protect and be proud of you are also protecting your loved ones. Fixing concrete walkways and pathways is a great way to make your property safer and keep an optimal property value. Get a free walkway and pathway concrete leveling estimate today.

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