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Oct 11, 2021 | Attic-Insulation, Home Insulation

Fall has officially arrived and temperatures aren’t exactly freezing yet in Shreveport or Bossier City. Later this month, however,  when lows start dipping into the 40s, you might be thinking to yourself that preparations for winter weather aren’t such a bad idea. Even if temperatures never average below freezing in the area, it doesn’t mean freezing temperatures and harsh winter storms don’t occasionally make their way through. On average, freezing temperatures actually occur in Shreveport and Bossier City on around 39 days a year.

Frigid Temperatures From Last Winter Have People Scrambling To Prepare For This Years’ Storms

Last spring may have been a little bit out of the ordinary in terms of a lot of things. Political turmoil, Covid craziness and so called “once in a century” freak freezes had a lot of people feeling a bit uneasy to say the least! People were actually dying from freezing temperatures or slipping and falling on ice last year. Safety and caution need to be priorities when the destructive forces of nature come to town. Hell might not have frozen over, but many people saw Louisiana’s first significant freeze in a long time last year.

Temperatures may only get down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit or under once every other year or so, but Shreveport has had its fair share of scary winter storms. It’s been over a hundred years, but the lowest recorded temperature ever was -5 degrees. Most Louisiana natives haven’t experienced many, if any, winters like that and most likely live in a place like Shreveport to avoid such extremes. The fact of the matter is though, you never know when the next big one is going to hit. It could be this year or in another decade, but it’s never too early to be prepared when you and your family’s safety is brought into question!

being prepared for the worst is never a bad option. Have space heaters, blankets and a backup generator on hand just in case of emergency

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard By Cold Temperatures

Insulation in the south is mainly aimed toward keeping families and friends cool in those brutally hot summer months. That’s no secret. Running the AC nonstop can be the reality in some homes that are older and haven’t had a home or attic insulation service in the last decade or so. Insulation is beneficial for comfort and your wallet at pretty much any time of year, however.

When the next big winter storm does hit, those same cracks and crannies that may be letting cool air out in the summer could be letting devastatingly cold temperatures in. And what happens if the power goes out like it did in Texas last spring? Nothing good can come from being unprepared for something with potentially huge consequences.

  • Get a portable generator just in case the power does go out. It may be more likely during a hurricane than a winter deep freeze, but in either case, you’ll be prepared.
  • Buy portable heaters and have blankets stored so that when those emergencies do happen, you aren’t scrambling or begging for help.
  • Insulate your home in order to keep the warm air in. It’s not extremely difficult to heat up a room with the proper equipment, but if that comfortable air escapes or cold breezes keep getting in, you could be in trouble.

Winter Freezes Are More Likely To Be Frequent Occurrences

Whether or not you are a skeptic, it’s hard to ignore the changes in climate that are rewriting what seasons across the state of Louisiana look like. We can all attest to the increased frequency of hurricane strength storms seemingly landing on our coast almost annually. Who’s to say these deep freezes won’t become much more routine for winters and early spring? Scientists would have us all believe that this is more of a certainty than an occasional circumstance. More and more data is pointing to the eventuality of both hurricanes and winter storms happening on a more routine timeline as time progresses.

Louisiana’s Expert Blown In And Spray Foam Contractors

Greenstar Insulation might not be able to control the weather outside during those extra cold winter nights, but they can sure help you keep the temperature inside your home or business extra comfortable for all the friends and family or customers who might be visiting. With a professional insulation contractor servicing your buildings, not only will you be nice and toasty  without the worry of cold breezes penetrating all those cracks and crevices, you’ll be able to save money in the process. Blown in and spray foam insulation services pays for itself in the long run.

 Make sure your home or business stays pleasant for everyone to enjoy and get blown in cellulose or spray foam insulation from Greenstar Insulation to make it happen. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule a free home inspection and estimate.

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