Have A Cool Summer Even In The Middle Of A Widespread Heat Wave

Jul 20, 2021 | Home Insulation

Everyone seems to be talking about how climate change is starting to take its toll on the environment and weather patterns across the globe. Whether you believe in climate change or not, it’s hard to argue that summers, in recent years, have been hotter and lasting longer than decades past. This year alone has seen record temperatures in many cities across the US. We may not have broken any records in Shreveport or Bossier City yet, but it’s fair to say that the consistently high temperatures are definitely more prevalent in recent years and seem to be starting earlier and continuing later into late summer. Don’t let hot temperatures put a damper on your good time. Make sure you’re having a cool summer for years to come with a properly insulated home

This begs the question, “what are the best ways to escape the longer summer season of heat without breaking the bank?” Many people are likely prone to keeping the AC pumping in refrigerated air for longer hours daily. This could also possibly mean switching the unit on earlier in the spring and keeping it on late into the Autumn months. There are, however, more affordable, highly efficient, options that will certainly keep you cool throughout the summer and save you bunches of money in the long run. 

Save Big On Energy Consumption

It’s no surprise to see your electricity bill skyrocket when the summer months roll in. People spend their time outside to enjoy the outdoors and soak in some sun, but when you’re ready to cool off and relax after a long day out you want to make sure your home or residence is at a comfortable temperature that won’t keep you sweating into the wee hours of the night. There’s no point in suffering from the heat any longer. Have a cool summer this year and for years into the future.

Your AC Could Be Costing You A Small Fortune This Summer

It is estimated that on average, you could be saving 15-20% on heating and cooling costs by having home insulation installed in the attic, crawl spaces, rim joists and walls. That translates to somewhere around $200 for the average household. If you have a multi story home, however, you could be saving much more than that! Don’t put off an insulation home inspection any longer. Heck, it’s free so what’s the downside just to get your home looked at?

Foam insulation installed in the walls and attic ceiling of the house
Foam insulation installed in the walls and attic ceiling of the house

Shreveport Leading Team Of Insulation Experts

Shreveport and Bossier City have been experiencing relatively average temperatures so far this year, but late July and early August are historically the hottest weeks of the year. If you feel like your residence hasn’t been keeping in the cool air like it should or that hot air is seeping into your home through every crack and cranny then it’s time to get Greenstar Insulation out for a free home inspection. We’ll let you know the best course of action to get your home back to a hospitable environment for you and your family. Not only will our services benefit you for future summers but will also keep the warm air in your home once things cool down for the winter. Give Greenstar Insulation a call today for more information.

Greenstar Insulation Has Options To Best Fit Your Needs

  1. Home Insulations – We’ve all heard that heat rises, so if you have a multi story home then it’s likely your upstairs floors are probably significantly warmer during the mid morning into the evening hours of the hotter months. 
    1. Spray Foam insulation is perfect for sealing up all those crevices that are likely letting out all your cool air. Either open or closed cell, we’ll fit your foam to the needs of your home.
    2. Pump In Foam is perfect for existing walls. It’ll keep your home at an ideal temperature no matter what time of year. Especially recommended for second or third stories.
  2. Attic – If you use your attic for storage then you’ve probably experienced the face melting heat of summer accumulating at the highest point of your home. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t feel a sense of dread from going up there to grab something out of storage. Cool that attic down with a proper insulation service and no longer fear those out of control temperatures.
    1. Cellulose Blown In Insulation is great for the attic and is ideal for those eco friendly customers. Our blown in cellulose insulation reduces sound brought in from the outside world and even makes the area of installation more fire resistant.
Blown In insulation technician getting the attic properly insulated
Blown In insulation technician getting the attic properly insulated

This Heat Could Last Through Mid Fall

The majority of climate scientists now claim that global warming will ultimately cause more frequent extreme weather. Areas that are relatively dry will begin to experience more severe drought and vice versa wet climates will be plagued with increased flooding. Extreme storms and brutal heat waves will also be more prevalent in historically moderate months of the year. That means that areas like Shreveport and Bossier City could experience both heavier downpours of rain and more frequent flooding while also dealing with summer-like temperatures well into the fall.

Don’t Wait Or Suffer The Heat Any Longer. Enjoy A Cool Summer Now

Living in a situation where you’re constantly uncomfortable obviously isn’t ideal. If you aren’t able to escape the heat in your own home then something definitely needs to change. It might be a bit more expensive to insulate your home or attic in the short term, but you’ll be saving big in the long run for getting this expert service done right as soon as possible. Don’t wait any longer and call Greenstar Insulation today for more information or to schedule a home inspection.

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