Hurricane Season Can Bring Extreme Weather Damages To Shreveport And Bossier City

Aug 5, 2021 | Concrete Leveling, Home Insulation

It’s only been about a year since Hurricane Laura headlines were alerting the Shreveport and Bossier City area that high winds of up to 75mph were expected to be hitting the metropolitan. It hit land at 150mph and was obviously worse coastally but still took its toll in Shreveport. Not only did the extreme weather kill six people in Louisiana, it also caused a good amount of damage all around the state. Luckily for Shreveport, gusts only hit 50mph and many residents breathed a sigh of relief after everything was said and done. 

We seemingly dodged a bullet last year but who knows long long it’ll be until the next big one hits. Big storms like that are likely to cause billions of dollars in damage across the state even when winds aren’t hitting hurricane strength. With them building up in the Caribbean and hitting Louisiana coast on average about every other year now, the next one could be coming up in the next few months. It’s more often than not in your best interest to get preventative measures out of the way before the bulk of Atlantic hurricanes hit this season, just in case extreme weather damages are high this year.

High Winds Heard Around The House 

When winds are hitting over 50mph, it can sound like sirens are going off inside of some older homes. With cracks and crannies forming over time, it’s difficult to keep out the wind if the structures on your property haven’t been property insulated in the last decade or so. If winds pick up to hurricane speeds, those loud noises could turn dangerous as damage to structures could take place. Get Greenstar Insulation out to your property for a free inspection and consultation to guarantee your home is ready for the hurricane seasons to come.

Heavy Rains And Flash Floods Could Wash Away Your Property

Sandbags can only go so far when it comes to keeping water off of your property. Pooling and flooding is almost a guarantee when coastal waters surge or rivers rise above boundaries or bulkhead levels. The key in protecting your property from catastrophic washout is making sure that the water that does penetrate your natural or man made barriers doesn’t move fast enough to cause a chain reaction of erosion. That could end up taking tons of soil and other material downstream away from your home and off your property all together.

Extreme weather damages seen here. Are you prepared?

Greenstar Insulation Can Help Seal Up Crevices In And Around The Home  

  1. Home Insulation includes spraying foam insulation in the walls, pumping in foam insulation to existing walls, or just sealing up any cracks and crannies in the floor, crawlspace, and ceiling. Both open cell and closed cell foam are available for your specific needs.
  2. Attic Insulation makes a lot of sense, even when it’s just to save money and be more energy efficient. When hurricane force winds can literally take your roof off, it makes even more sense to insulate the attic properly and help keep your home in one piece.
  3. Sealing Concrete Slabs makes it much harder for water to penetrate the ground soil underneath concrete surfaces. Prevent huge voids forming or settling and sinking concrete with expansion joint sealing services from Greenstar Insulation. 
  4. Concrete Leveling is important for preventative maintenance as well. If voids have already formed from water that has already found its way into the soil, heavy hurricane rains and flooding is only going to make the matter worse. Fix it now before it’s too late.

A Hard Hitting Hurricane Can Cost Property Owners More Than You’d Imagine 

Not every Atlantic hurricane is going to make landfall in Louisiana. Most won’t even bring heavy rains and high winds at all. If the big one does hit, however, it could deliver hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage to affected areas. An average hurricane will cause damages of somewhere around $30 billion but much of that can be averted if measures are taken to properly prepare properties that are at risk.

Tropical Storm Can Pack A Punch Straight To The Wallet

Don’t think that just because a storm dies down a bit as it makes landfall and is downgraded to a tropical storm that it won’t still hit hard. Tropical storms are more likely to hit the Shreveport and Bossier City area than a higher category hurricane considering we are tucked away some 450 miles from the coast. If you’re betting on downgraded wind speeds to negate the potential damage that these storms still bring to areas, you may not be so lucky. 

13 storms have hit the area in the past 40 years with wind speeds categorizing them as at least a tropical storm. Climate experts predict that the frequency of these storms will continue to increase as time goes on. Don’t get caught off guard by the next storm to hit, get your preventative measures dealt with today.

Gail force winds can tear roots out of the ground or roofs off of houses.

Give Greenstar A Call A Be Prepared Before It’s Too Late

If you haven’t had your insulation done in the past couple decades it may be time to seriously consider it for multiple reasons. Do you hear or feel a draft or breeze coming through your home whenever a storm starts to howl outside? Not only will you be saving money by making your home more energy efficient, you can also help protect it from more severe damages caught by hurricane force winds this fall hurricane season. 
Give Greenstar Insulation a call today to get a home inspection done for insulation or concrete leveling services. Both are great ways to help prepare your home for potentially disastrous extreme weather damages from future storms.

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