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A large reason that cement slabs begin to sink and settle is due to water seeping into the soil underneath making up the foundational support. When groundwater is present, foundational dirt shifts and results in concrete driveways, walkways, patios or pool decks sinking and settling into uneven ground and unlevel conditions. 

This, however, can be easily avoided by making sure you keep your concrete properly maintained and sealed to keep the water out. The key to this is maintaining expansion joints with proper filler to keep a tight seal so water can’t seep through. Greenstar Insulation offers the best expansion joint repair and filler in the Shreveport and Bossier City Area.

Why Concrete Needs Expansion Joints

Concrete is made into slabs weighing up to 500lbs. These large surface structures go through a constant process of constriction and expansion. This is due to constant temperature variations and moisture differences. The slab joints are created in the hope that these expansions and contractions will break the concrete across the preplaced expansion joint lines. These are drawn during the final steps of the concrete pouring process.

A before and after shot of a concrete leveling job and the expansion joint filler to seal up those concrete slabs.

The Best Expansion Joint Materials For A Proper Seal

When it comes to the materials used for filling expansion joints, there is no beating silicone caulking. Other forms of filling agents just don’t seal as well or hold up against the test of time. Older methods like wood or even polyurethane aren’t as durable and won’t hold up as well against UV rays and other environmental factors. Once the deterioration starts, it’ll be a quick decline and you can bet on that seal to be ruined and water to be penetrating the soil underneath.

Don’t Put It Off. Get Expansion Joints Done Now For Savings Later

It’s no secret. Putting off maintenance like keeping a proper expansion joint seal in between concrete slabs making up your driveway, sidewalk, patio or pool deck surfaces could cost you dearly in the long run. If water gets underneath your concrete on a regular basis, it’s inevitable that those surfaces will begin to sink and settle almost immediately. The worse it gets, the more likely a leveling or even replacement will be necessary. 

Replacing these concrete surfaces with a re-pour is going to end up averaging about three times as much as a lifting or releveling so make sure this costly mistake of maintenance avoidance doesn’t happen to you. Guarantee the process is slowed down as much as possible with a the best expansion joint repair fill and seal with Greenstar Insulation! Give us a call today to schedule an inspection or service date.

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