Repair Your Concrete With the Experts

Repair Your Concrete With the Experts

Ask about our concrete leveling services in Shreveport, LA

If the surface of your concrete is cracked or uneven, reach out to GreenStar Insulation LLC. We can provide you with concrete leveling services in Shreveport, LA. You can count on us to help you with our slab jacking process.

Even the smallest amount of displacement can cause significant safety concerns. Allow our team of experts to handle your concrete needs. We'll use state-of-the-art technology to repair your concrete.

Call 318-780-3533 to schedule our concrete leveling services today.

Our slab jacking process

Our team can perform slab jacking services in just a few hours. We'll start by drilling strategically placed holes into the slab. Next, we'll insert flexible hoses that are connected to our portable pump. Finally, we'll pump a mixture of materials underneath your slab to get it back in its original position.

You'll appreciate our process because:

It can be done in virtually any weather
It causes minimal disruption to landscaping
It doesn't require you to move anything off the slab
It's noiseless and free of dust and debris

Concrete leveling can save you a lot on replacing a new slab. Contact us now to learn more about our slab jacking services in Shreveport, LA.