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When you need new insulation at home, hire a reputable insulation company. GreenStar Insulation LLC is an insulation company among some of the best in the Shreveport, LA area. You can count on our company to install insulation that protects your home from the slightest temperature changes with ease. Call 318-780-3533 to speak with an experienced insulation contractor today.

Spray foam insulation seen here applied to the ceiling of an attic

Our spray foam insulation

will act as an excellent sound barrier so that you sleep peacefully. It’ll even help to reduce allergens, maintain indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency. It’s a great alternative to traditional building insulation. Contact us now to learn about our spray foam insulation services.

Check out our spray foam services

Our team can provide you with extensive foam services. Each type of foam insulation is made for different needs. You can count on us to install:

  • Open-cell foam which is excellent at blocking moisture
  • Closed-cell foam which is acts as a sound barrier
  • Injection foam which works well for existing walls

Our spray foam expands in place, sealing all voids, gaps and crevices. This makes it effective in even tight spaces. We can perform this service for condominiums, townhomes, apartments and offices. Call now to work with our spray foam insulation contractor in Shreveport & Bossier City, LA.

When Should You Consider Adding Or Replacing Your Insulation

  • Your heating or cooling bill has risen
  • Your insulation is more than 15 years old
  • Your space feels drafty

If you notice these problems, install new insulation that helps your HVAC system maintain a temperature without too much energy, replaces materials degraded by time and seals out drafts.

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